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Become an Associate CANARIAS HAPPY CARD®


You will gain as many as 500,000 potential new customers, who will immediately know of the products, services and helpful savings you offer through our web portal and innovative marketing strategies. The loyalty of the HAPPY CARD® holders will grow, because they will discover a new opportunity: from restaurants, shopping, nightclubs, museum, entertainment, gyms, beauty & Spa, taking advantage of the discounts offered throughout the year by the CANARIAS HAPPY CARD® associated.


3 Good Reasons to Join

  1. To quickly acquire new customers that are increasingly loyal.
  2. To make your business and its products and/or services known to 500,000 new customers.
  3. To form part of a prestigious and exclusive network that is constantly expanding throughout the Canary Islands.

To join the exclusive CANARIAS HAPPY CARD® network, call us on +34 928 537 916 or +34 610 360 930, or send us an e-mail a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asking for a free visit from one of our agents, with no obligations.

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