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About Us

The idea of a discount card is certainly nothing new; many companies use this system in an attempt to make supply meet demand.

We conceived and planned the HAPPY CARD® network directly on the Canary Islands during this period of unprecedented crisis. It has been designed specifically for these beautiful islands.

Naturally, our goal is to promote tourism and encourage the purchase of goods and services at a discounted price. HAPPY CARD® holders are part of an elite network that is always evolving and being updated as it forms partnerships with more and more major companies operating in the Islands.

We plan to extend the HAPPY CARD® network to the entire Canary Islands within three years, so that tourists can use a single card to obtain discounts and offers on all the beautiful Canary Islands, which differ from one another due to their particular features. We recommend you to visit them all at any time of year, because, as you know, in the Canary Islands we are on the same latitude as Florida and Mexico.

So, whether you are HAPPY CARD® holders, partner businesses or sales outlets, we sincerely thank you and hope that you continue this exciting adventure with us. Your presence and the response you have given us are the stimulus that encourages us to make our projects even more ambitious.

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