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1 - The discounts card CANARIAS HAPPY CARD®, valid one year from the date of registration site, can be used in all associated activities shown on the website or App, which provide a discount on the amount spent just by showing a card.

2 - The CANARIAS HAPPY CARD® must be registered on the portal and the registration date must be written on the white panel on the back of the card, together with a legible signature (name and surname). Cardholders are required to show the ID, if requested to do so by a associated activities, that are authorised to check CANARIAS HAPPY CARD® registration in the area of the website reserved for them, and they can confiscate cards in the event of irregularities.

3 - Once the CANARIAS HAPPY CARD® has been registered on the site and signed on the back, together with the date, it can be used with complete confidence. You can enjoy special benefits and promotions, choose to be informed about new associated activities by e-mail, print and use discount coupons, add comments on the associated activities you have visited during your holidays and, finally, enter competitions organised on the website.

4 - The discount provided by circuit CANARIAS HAPPY CARD®, may not be combined with other discounts and/or promotions offered by associated activities.

5 - Holder of "BLUE" or "GREEN" CANARIAS HAPPY CARDS®, valid for 2 and 5 people respectively, will also obtain the provided discount for the appropriate number of companions.


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